Sunday, February 22, 2009

OpeRaTinG SysTeM

  • AseT oF ProGraM ContaiNinG inStruCtionS That CooRdiNatE aLL tHe ActiVities HardWare Resource
  1. AcT aS User inTerFacE
  2. BooT up CoMpuTer
  3. ManaGe ProGraMs
  4. ManaGe MeMory(RaM)
  5. ScheDule Jobs/ConFiguRe DeviCe
  6. MoniTor PerForManCe
  7. ProviDe FiLe ManaGemenT and OtheR utiLitiEs
  8. AdMinisTeR SecuRiTy.
  9. EsTaBLish iNtErNet CoNneCtioN.
SequeNce BooTinG up ComPutEr;
  1. PluG in SwitCh
  2. Go tO BioS.
  3. BioS PerForm "POST"
  4. CmoS cHiP
  5. CheCking For DrivE/OS
  6. Send OS KerNeL to TemP MeMory
  7. ShoW OS Content.
A UsEr wiTh a TasK;
  • SinGLe UseR/SinGLe Task
  • SinGLe UseR/MuLti Task
  • MuLtie UsEr/SinGLe Task
  • MuLti UsEr/MuLti Task
SySTems PeRfoRmaNcE;
Run---->Perf mon.msc

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